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The First Ever Zephyr Board Produced?

The Surfing Heritage and Culture Center in San Clemente, California is presently hosting a “Surf 2 Skate: From Liquid to Asphalt” exhibition. The stated purpose of the exhibition is to “cover the origins of skateboarding to sidewalk surfing and the early surf shop skate teams of the 1960s; the 70s and the Dog Town skating/surfing cross influences.”

There are lots of interesting photos coming out of this exhibit, and if you’re in striking distance, this as surely as anything classifies as a “must see” event. A couple of general photos from the opening night:

Wes Humpston’s work

What particularly caught my attention though were the following photos, which apparently show the first ever Z-boys Zephyr board that was ever produced.  Forget grail status, that’s relic status. Check it out:


Words fail.

Photo Credits: Daymond D. Dodge

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