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The best of Jim Phillips’ Skate Art Stickers

Jim Phillips Skate Art Stickers

Jim Phillips carries on the Phillips’ family tradition of surf and skate art with these stickers that he offers on the Jimbo Phillips official webstore.

Jim Phillips is famous for some of the most iconic skate art, and skateboard deck designs in history!

My favourite of Jim Phillips Skate Art stickers is Barf Brain. I love how  graphic it is!

Jim Phillips Barf Brain Skate Art Sticker
Jim Phillips Barf Brain Skate Art Sticker

Surf Freak is another favorite. I feel that it honors both the Phillips family style and their contribution to skate art, and also honors the surfing roots of skateboarding

As a keen surfer myself, I feel it captures the stoke and the exhilaration of catching that perfect wave!

Jim Phillips Surf Freak Skate Art Sticker
Jim Phillips Surf Freak Skate Art Sticker

You can also buy some pretty cool sticker packs from his website

Jim Phillips Skate Art Stickers Pack
Jim Phillips Skate Art Sticket Pack

Jim Phillips' take on skate art in the real-world

I recently stumbled upon an interview between Jimbo Philllips and Designboom from 2014, and thought his reflections of how his art studies and how they shaped his art were insightful for any budding skate artist:


What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were 21?

Jim Phillips:

When I turned 21 I was attending art school and naively studying fine art. in later years I had wished that I studied commercial art so that I could actually make a living. 

It was very difficult to learn advertising and commercial art on my own. 

After art school I went back to working at the surfboard manufacturing trade that I learned as a teenager, and was applying my art to surfboards.

From that work I was offered a job in an in-house art studio for a motorcycle company, and I received advertising training on the job from the art director there and the demands of the work. 

After that company abruptly went belly-up I started my freelance art service doing the art for which I am known such as the skateboard work. 

But in hindsight my fine art training was invaluable and became a key to my success in commercial art.

Jim Phillips Rob Roskopp Face Surfboard
Jim Phillips with his Rob Roskopp Face Surfboard (credits to Designboom)

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