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Unusual Lorax Dr Seuss Skateboard By Paisley Skates

Sean Cliver “Unless II” Dr Seuss Skateboard Deck

Check out this epic Dr Seuss Skateboard we found.
We recently showed Andy Jenkins new Jason Lee ‘Grinch Feast’ deck put out by Primewood L.A., and continuing on with this Dr. Seuss theme, Sean Cliver and Paisley Skates have now released this little gem: the ‘Unless II’ deck featuring the skateboarding Lorax again.  I’m a sucker for any of these Dr. Seuss style bits of skate art. I think they look great, are a great nod back to the edgier early 1990’s designs that would become so iconic.

As is often the case from Paisley, the deck is traditionally screen printed. This it he sort of thing which would be great either for skating, or for the collector who is into collecting new and old skate art. I’m thinking of picking one up for that very reason.



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