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Claus Grabke’s Custom Topside

While most of the attention for skateboard art is focused on what is on the bottom of the deck, occasionally you are really “wow-ed” by what some skaters personally did on their topsides.

I am not referring here to the silk-screened art that is often on the top of the board (though that can indeed be interesting in its own right), instead I am thinking of the way some have customized their decks with paint markers, stickers and the like. One of the skaters who is perhaps best known for doing this is, of course, street skating legend Natas Kaupas — however this particular post is not about him.

Instead, our attention today turns to Claus Grabke and the topside art of one of his personal riders (the board is now, I believe, found in the Skateboard Museum in Stuttgart, Germany). The combination of the colours with the text, alongisde the way the whole is integrated with the screaming hand stickers is most impressive.

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