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Burnt Tributes: The Work of John Moyaert

Those who browse Facebook collector groups such as World Wide Skateboard Collector will already be familiar with the work of John Moyaert, but for those who are not, you’re in for quite a treat I think.

John has taken the concept of a “tribute deck” to an entirely different level by creating reproductions of classic decks, not in the typical sense of making a copy which looks as much like the original as possible, but rather by re-creating them using his wood-burning skills; the finished product is an utterly unique tribute that, on the one hand, cannot possibly be mistaken for the original product, but on the other hand, is exacting in terms of capturing the essence of the design in question.


John at work on a Tony Hawk Chicken Skull

Most recently, John shared his wood-burnt replica of a Steve Caballero “Dragon n’ Bats” board. While his work is always impressive, for me, this one took the cake:



Here’s just a little sampling of some other work by John.


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