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About Us

We are skateboarding enthusiasts who love learning about skate culture and the history of skating boarding.

We started this site so that we could share what we learn, for others who have similar interests.

We want to provide a platform for others to share their experiences through skate history and want to partner with other skate enthusiastics to provide relevant links to your sites.

Sites like this also work best when readers contribute their own things they find interesting. In view of that, if you find an interesting bit of skate art, an interesting deck, old skate photos showing you in action, or if you want to contribute your own skate art, skate photos or the like, please do send them my way!

I’m looking forward to the ride.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Natas Kaupas riding off a wall
Thrasher Magazine, September 1984, cover detail

This photo is taken from the September 1984 issue of Thrasher Magazine and famously shows Natas Kaupas riding off a wall as photographed by Craig Stecyk in Santa Monica, CA.

In fact, we think it was this wall on Ocean Park Blvd., though, if so, the mural changed since that photo.

From what we understand, that was the first time that trick was shown and it blew people away.

Many apparently wondered if it wasn’t the equivalent of “photo-shopped” for its day.

So what does this photo have to do with Skate Culture?

First, it shows a famous skater from the period that inspired us to create this site.

Second, this photo is first of all located in that part of the world where skateboarding became what it is.

Third, it was photographed by an eminent skate photographer, himself a legend, one who is attached to the Dogtown scene and era.

Finally, it features the kind of creativity that is inherent to skating, both in terms of the physical creativity of manipulating one’s board, but also artistic creativity.

And finally, it’s just a great shot!